Criminal Defense Lawyers in Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Dallas- Fort Worth, Texas

Texas is tough on crime; law enforcement agencies and prosecutors will make it their mission to punish you thoroughly according to the law if you are ever charged in Texas. 

Different penalties depend on the crime you are charged with; some of these penalties include restrictions on some rights, serving time behind bars, or very high fines. You can also lose your professional licenses if charged.

A lot comes with the conviction of crimes, more than just loss of jobs and licenses, relationships become strained, and reputations are ruined. Therefore, it is necessary to fight these charges as much as possible because the consequences of these misconducts, however small, might be very negative for you. That is why if you have been charged with a crime in Texas you need a criminal defense lawyer to help you with your legal problems without waiting.

Criminal defense lawyers can either be private criminal defense lawyers or court-appointed lawyers. They investigate cases against their clients, research facts on the cases, and negotiate deals like reduced charges, bail, and sentences with the prosecutors.

The legal system is tricky, and going through this legal process might be tiresome and very frustrating, but with a person who understands the system to guide you, it reduces the weight off your shoulders.

The criminal justice system has a lot to deal with; overcrowded jails, the court calendars are very overloaded, and not counting the pressure from the public and politics. These factors increase the necessity for a competent criminal defense lawyer to help you fight your legal battles.

A criminal defense lawyer also has other duties like assisting in the formulation of a plea, questioning witnesses and examining them, assessing possible sentences, gathering evidence, and reviewing search and seizure procedures. They can give you advice on the consequences of immigration, a plea, criminal record, or a conviction. Other than that, they also provide personal services to defendants by helping them deal with frustrations and fears of being in the criminal justice system, and they represent the defendant at trial if a plea deal cannot be made.

There are many things to consider when hiring a criminal defense lawyer, like when to hire them. To avoid huge expenses along the way, you need to hire a lawyer very early in the legal process. Our advice is to hire a criminal defense lawyer as soon as you or a loved one is arrested, but this may be impractical or not always possible; therefore, you should speak to one after being released from your detention, especially if you are faced with very serious allegations. You can also seek a lawyer before arraignment to weigh your options on whether to seek a bargain or fight the charges. 

There are various tips on finding a good criminal defense lawyer. These tips mostly look at the qualities that this lawyer possesses. 

How do you find a good lawyer in Dallas – Fort Worth for a criminal case?


  • A good criminal defense lawyer is one that when contacted, responds quickly. It is a gesture that shows that if they are prompt to answer, then they probably would be quick and fast when it comes to defending you.
  • One who knows the criminal justice system well and understands it very well to represent you. They should be up to date with whatever happens in their field to represent you well.
  • It would help if you found someone who had experience in the local courts because local relationships and connections are very important when fighting criminal charges. If your lawyer knows the details of the court, then the chances of winning your case increase.
  • Check reputable sources when researching a good lawyer or ask for referrals from your friends and family.
  • A good criminal defense lawyer also has good negotiation skills. They should know basic criminal law and procedure.
  • They also need to have confidence in the courtroom and have access to important resources to help with the case.

From the possession of marijuana to capital murder, you need the services of an experienced criminal defense lawyer to help you win your case in Texas. Therefore, contact us at Tyson Law Firm today for quality, professional and prompt legal representation.

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