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Frequently Asked Questions

What To Do After A Car Accident?

First make sure you and anyone involved is safe and not in harms way. 

Call the police so they can investigate the accident and file a report. Information in the police report may be valuable evidence later on.
Preserve as much as possible about the accident on your own.

Take pictures of the accident scene, damage to vehicles or any structures with which the vehicles collided. Take pictures of any injuries as well.

Make sure you get the names and addresses of everyone involved in the accident, and their insurance information, and as well as the names and addresses of any witnesses. Follow these steps then Keep Calm and Call Tyson! 1-888-28Tyson(1-888-288-9766 ) 

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Who do I sue if a truck or 18 wheeler hits me?

The driver and the company!!! In general, the driver (owner/operator) is still considered an “employee” of the trucking company for purposes of liability to the public therefore the interstate trucking company is still liable for the negligent acts of the driver. 

Additionally, the trucking company can also be held legally responsible for their own negligence in failing to appropriately hire, train, monitor, and/or supervise any truck driver that they employ or enter into any independent contractor relationship with.

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Do I need to hire an attorney for my car accident?

In a lot of cases, insurance companies are out to do one thing: deny or reduce your claim. 

To protect yourself you can hire a personal injury attorney! Studies have shown those who hire personal injury attorneys get four times more money in their pocket after paying their personal injury attorney his or her fee. Don’t let them get over on you!! 

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How long will it take to finalize my car accident case?

This answer depends on two factors:

  • Injuries: the more serious your injuries are, the more treatment you’re going to need. If your injuries require surgery, for example, we have to see if the surgery is successful.
  • Insurance companies: Some insurance companies are harder to work with than others; they’re going to do everything they can to deny your claim.

If A Federal Agent or Police Detective Wants To Ask Me Questions Should I Meet With Them?

You always have the 5th Amendment right to not incriminate yourself. Say Less! Anything you say can and will be used against you. Don’t go talk to the Feds or police alone, you need to protect yourself at all times. 

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How do Bonds work?

If you are arrested, you will go before a magistrate judge for a hearing called an arraignment. At the arraignment hearing, the magistrate judge will make sure you understand the charge(s) against you, and she will usually set a bond amount for your release. 

Your next step is to post the bond to get out of jail while you fight your case. The Bond is the payment made by you promising that you will appear at every court hearing while your case is pending. If you or a loved one has been arrested Keep Calm and Call Tyson!1-888-28Tyson(1-888-288-9766 )