Federal Defense

Federal Defense

Federal defense

A Federal Defense Attorney is not like your regular defense attorney at all. A Federal attorney will deal with matters involving cases or allegations from federal agencies such as DEA, IRS, ATF, FBI and others.Certain types of cases will routinely and reliably lead to a preliminary investigation, such as fraud charges in which the financial loss is over $1 million. Here are some common jobs:
* Drug offenses (trafficking)
* Bank robbery
* Murder or manslaughter with an aggravating circumstance * Arson resulting in death

Also federal defense lawyer are the ones who specializes in defending clients charged with a violation of a federal criminal law. They are sometimes referred to as “public defenders”, and their cases cover the entire gamut of issues facing the justice system, from marijuana cultivation and environmental crimes through terrorism, frauds against financial institutions, bank robberies, public corruption misdemeanors such as lying to an FBI agent about a spouse’s extramarital affair or perjury on the witness stand.

Federal Defense attorneys work for these primary purposes:

(1) To keep innocent citizens out of prison

(2) Make sure convictions uphold individual liberty

(3) Protect our rights not only for now but also for generations to com

Very few practitioners are experienced in federal court, or even have actually tried a federal criminal case, and even fewer have won a federal criminal defense trial. At Tyson Law Firm not only we specialize and are experienced in these type of cases but WE HAVE WON FEDERAL TRIALS and we are here to work with you and support you through the process



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