Legal representation for an 18-Wheeler accident in Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas Area

A report by the U.S Department of Transportation shows that more than 500,000 large truck accidents occur every year, leaving behind a lot of damage and fatalities. As of 2016, 17% of the fatalities were the truck’s occupants, while the other alarming 83% were either other motorists, cyclists, or pedestrians, with the percentages increasing every single year!

18-wheeler trucks and other large trucks are a significant threat to other road users on the roads in Texas. In many cases these accidents could have been prevented and avoided all together.

The hardest part to witness from all of these car accidents with 18-wheelers and trucks is that in many cases (more often than it should) the victims end up losing their lives or suffer a long-term disability, yet they cannot get legal action against the truck drivers.

We offer professional legal representation to ensure that you get the most compensation possible for the injuries and losses that you suffer.

Causes of car accidents involving 18-wheelers

Many causes lead to an 18-wheeler truck accident like truck braking and others. However, the leading cause of truck accidents is fatigue. The exhaustion and fatigue experienced by truck drivers is alarming.

Legally, a large truck driver is allowed to drive only up to 11 hours at a time, but some drivers in order to get to their destination faster end up violating this 11-hour regulation.

Hit and Run after an 18-wheeler truck accident in Texas-

There is always severe damage to other road users when an 18-wheeler truck is involved in an accident, unfortunately, that doesn’t always mean that the drivers that cause these accidents do the decent thing of staying and helping.

Often some truck drivers choose to flee the crash scene and victims find themselves helpless and with no hope of ever being compensated for the expenses and damages and/or injuries that they suffered as a result of the accident.

If you were involved in a hit-and-run with an 18-wheeler truck or lost a loved one in one, contact us for professional help with your case.

A driver involved in a hit and run accident faces criminal charges for speeding, reckless endangerment, or even drunk driving if that is what caused the collision. Additionally, they can face criminal charges for fleeing the scene. Fleeing the scene leaves injured victims in a terrible state that may be fatal.

Here is what to do when involved in an 18-wheeler truck accident.

  1. Call the police to the accident scene.
  2. In case of an injury:
    • Request an ambulance.
    • Tell the officer investigating the accident about the injury. Don’t wait until later.
    • Cooperate with the paramedics to make sure they assess your situation. In a lot of cases due to the shock, car crash victims are filled with adrenaline which makes it harder for them to feel pain or pinpoint specific injuries at the moment of the accident but that doesn’t mean that they are no in fact injured.
  3. Unless your damaged vehicle is causing a traffic hazard, you should leave the debris in the position it was.
  4. Cooperate with the police investigating the crash. Don’t exaggerate or lie.
  5. Call an attorney from our firm to represent you in the case. Additionally, take pictures of your vehicle and surroundings as information and evidence for your attorney and an insurance company.

People who drive commercial trucks and other vehicles like taxi cabs and buses have a clean record to maintain if they want to keep their licenses in order to work. Their career depends on a clean driving record, and for this reason, they might lie about what happened on the day of the accident to keep their jobs.

This is why it is essential to ensure you have the right lawyer and witnesses in that event.

Commercial truck companies in Dallas will make you go through a lot of hoops trying to prove a claim in hopes that you might give up along the way. A good lawyer sees through these challenges and ensures that the services you get guarantee a compensation payment.

North Texas Dallas area courts and juries can also make it harder on injury victims by placing additional burdens of proof and evidence on the victim rather than the wrongdoer. However, we are here to ensure that we help you through the process and bring a solution to you and your family. Whether a dump truck, commercial truck, garbage truck, or an 18-wheeler truck accident, this is your go-to law firm for guaranteed quality and professional services.

If you or a loved one was involved in car accident with an 18-wheeker or any truck in Texas, we want to assist you in making sure not only that your interests are protected and that you can reach a fair settlement but also that you feel supported during such a stressful and difficult life event.

Please contact Tyson Law Firm by phone or email and let’s take action fast.