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Car Accidents/Car wrecks

In America, 3 million people are injured in automobile accidents each year – a person every 10 seconds! If you’ve been injured in an auto accident because another driver was reckless or careless and you may be able to recover damages to make you whole. Let us help you get all that you deserve!

18 Wheeler/Truck Accidents

Statistically, large commercial trucks and 18-wheelers are the most dangerous vehicles on the roads. Over 500,000 trucking accidents occur every year in the United States. These large vehicles are often difficult to control in the best of conditions, and negligent actions such as driver fatigue, intoxication, and speeding can severely worsen an 18 wheeler accident.

Wrongful Death

A Wrongful Death occurs when a person’s death is caused by the wrongful actions or negligence of another. If one of your loved ones has died as the result of another’s actions let us get you just and fair compensation.

Federal Defense

Very few practioners are experienced in federal court, even fewer have actually tried a federal criminal case, even fewer have won a federal criminal defense trial. We are very experienced in federal court, we try federal cases, and WE HAVE WON FEDERAL TRIALS!!!

Criminal Defense

The retention of an aggressive, knowledgeable, defense attorney as soon as possible after being accused of a crime can be critical to the outcome of one’s case. In times when one’s freedom is on the line you need a smart, experienced trial lawyer to guide you through the storm. We have tried and won every type of criminal case from misdemeanor marijuana possession to CAPITIAL MURDER.